Nyepi: Reflections from Bali

So today is Nyepi, as known as Bali’s Day of Silence and so I thought it an ideal opportunity to reflect on some of my favourite moments from my time in Bali. For so long Bali had been on my bucket list and it didn’t disappoint. It was such a beautiful place, albeit a little touristy, that drew me in and captured me.


Sunrise hike at Mount Batur

A serious breath taking moment, not only due to the incredibly early start and steep climb but standing on top of a volcano, above the clouds, watching the sunrise over another active volcano.


Water ceremony at Tirta Empul (Bali Holy Spring Water Temple) 

Being able to take part in a ceremony at a temple was so special, a unique opportunity that I really felt connected with.


Uluwatu temple

Walking along the cliff tops of Uluwatu watching the waves crashing below, an air of silence and respect for both people and nature in this moment.


Palm tree lined walks through villages

Away from the crowds of Ubud, paths lined with palm trees, paddy fields every which way, the little paths I took allowed me time to appreciate how lucky I truly am.


Watching the dolphins at sunrise in Lovina

Anytime I see a dolphin I feel blessed, they playfully followed alongside our boat, dipping in and out of the water whilst the sun was rising.


Rice terraces at Tegalalang

Running along the narrow paths of Tegalalang rice terrace, I felt like it was a truly pinch me moment, the terrace itself is just as beautiful in real life as it is in the photos.


The view from the mountain temple of Lempuyang 

Although the photo is an optical illusion, the view surrounding the temple was amazing, forested hills and mountains, with monkeys playing on the paths.





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