Sourdough: my first foray

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Where to start.

I have been reading about the process of making sourdough for a little while now, it all started when the first Tartine Bread recipe book came out and I was engrossed in how you can make bread from just flour and water. Natural yeast wasn’t something I had been aware of until then.

Nether the less I found myself with enough time on my hands recently to grow my own starter. It requires a lot of attention for the first five days but after this it seems to look after itself minus the feeding every so often.

Following The Kitchn’s directions I set about making my starter, by using equal amounts of flour to water mixing thoroughly and then leaving overnight for the magic to happen. I continued doing this for the next five days and I can say I successfully managed to make my starter, a bubbly, sour smelling flour mixture that really didn’t look like it was capable of rising bread but anyway I continued.

Making the starter is only the beginning of making sourdough, I really didn’t know what I had got myself into. I read more on The Kitchn’s website to see how to turn a starter into the sourdough itself and I was not prepared for how labour intensive and time consuming it was going to be. Although its not technical there are so many steps to do the periods where you have to leave it to do its thing.

But I continued and conquered, after following most of the instructions I was left with two gorgeous smelling loaves that I was proud of, with the perfect crust and distinctive crumb, I had finally made sourdough! Now I just need to work on the scoring and shaping of loaves but for now I’m obsessed, every week I have made another batch of sourdough and can’t wait to try making other things with it like pizza!

For people like myself who want to try out making their own sourdough I can’t recommend the Tartine books enough and The Kicthn website for all things sourdough related.

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