New Orleans: King Cake


Last Tuesday many of us here celebrated pancake day however its a very different story over the pond in New Orleans. Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, carnival. It has many names but one thing you’ll be guaranteed is a party, and beads, lots of beads. Unable to be in the actual city for it I’m looking back at my previous trip to New Orleans and cooking up a king cake.

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The King Cake. A mass of swirled dough filled with a cinnamon filling, topped with the traditional colours of Mardi Gras: Purple, green and gold.

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Purple for Justice, Green for Faith and Gold for Power. Made here from mixing gel food colouring and granulated sugar.

New Orleans is a city of music. Street corners hold bands of musicians, livening the atmosphere, creating a rhythm to walk to and have fun to. Jazz is everywhere, step into any bar and you’ll be guaranteed jazz music and if your lucky a live band playing.


Simply wander through the streets, popping into a bar for a quick refreshment and then getting back to city, the houses are a sight in themselves, with gorgeous balconies all decorated colourfully.

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Be sure to check out the French Quarter and Jackson Square. Head to Pat O’Briens Tavern for a taste of the authentic hurricane cocktail, a mix of rum, fruit juice and grenadine, where you can sit outside in the patio enjoying more music and people watching.

Pop back soon for the King Cake recipe!



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